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Tony Prado is best described as well-rounded.  His experience includes over 3,500 television newscasts as international reporter, anchor and director.


He has over 40 years of public speaking experience and is a prize winning ballroom dancer with eleven Top Teacher Awards and more than a dozen Top Studio Awards; certified "Highly Commended" as a Ballroom Dance judge.

The first time Tony was handed a script and a microphone was in 1973. He began a long career of hosting public events, narrating, and being a voice to the audience.  Early on, he established himself as the dependable "Man on the Microphone" who was quick to get a laugh, insightful with a topic, articulate and understandable.  His interests were varied and ranged from Broadway musicals to dramatic solo performances tackling such delicate issues as race relations and medical care for the elderly.  From comic rolls such as "Nicely, Nicely" in Guys & Dolls to the wonderfully complex Stage Manager in Thornton Wilder's Our Town no acting challenge was too demanding.


Continuing to develop a versatile image was a priority for someone who wanted a career as an entertainer.  It was an obvious choice to devote study to the arts, and the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute proved to be a valuable resource.  Summers were spent training in the disciplines of pantomime and stage acting.  The great mime legend Bert Houle provided a necessary foundation in the mechanics of human movement that Tony would use for the next three decades as a dancer.  Acting professor Bill Levis helped hone Tony's acting skills to give him a sense of individual honesty and integrity in any performance.


At the University of Oklahoma Tony found a great mentor in his Voice Professor Dr. Thomas Carey who helped develop a repertoire of operatic, spiritual, and patriotic solos.  A highlight of his college career was to be personally selected to perform with Dr. Carey in "Thomas Carey sings Americana" in 1984.  This gave Tony the distinction of being one of the youngest opera singers ever to perform with the Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra.

In 1984, he left the United States to perform 18 months of missionary service in South America.  Travelling throughout south central Peru brought an awareness of the world's cultural diversity and a knowledge of international finance as he managed the financial accounts of the entire contingent of 325 young men and women in the field.  There were numerous calls to address the public in meetings, congregations and community forums which further added to an increasing body of experience as a presenter.

Upon returning from South America, Tony majored in Communications at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT.  With an eye on becoming a broadcast journalist, he learned the crafts of newswriting and research, photography and cinematography, and the demanding artistry of directing, technical directing live broadcasts.  He excelled in all aspects of studio production earning the higest grades in his classes for radio ON-AIR production, studio lighting, camera work and television studio production.  As a Teaching Assistant, he directed over 400 newscasts on KBYU-TV and led in the design concept of Utah Tonight which pioneered the use of multi-set newscasts in the 1990's.

His broadcast career begain in 1991 when he was the only student from BYU recruited for a position at CNN.  He was quickly recruited again by FOX to direct the News at Nine with Nick Clooney in early 1992. In 1993 he was called to Charlotte, NC to direct for NBC in a new Latin American project.  Working for NBC, Tony directed newscasts interviews and broadcast segments that put him in touch with every aspect of broadcast media.  He became known internationally as the voice on NBC's Latin American Airport Weather Forecast.




Currently at Queen City Ballroom in Charlotte, Tony has achieved the level of DVIDA Master Examiner.  He continues to host weekly parties acting as DJ.  He travels across the U.S. and internationally as emcee for DanceSport events and prides himself for being the first person to emcee a dance competition in both English and Spanish.  Being conversant in five languages, Tony considers himself a well-rounded problem solver who is ready to handle any situation with the diplomacy and expertise of a distinguished gentleman.

Living in Charlotte proved beneficial because of a prolific movie and commercial production industry.  Tony used his public speaking skills to emcee local beauty pageants over a 10 years period.  He has appeared in television commercials, industrial videos, and several stage productions.  He has been featured on TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras twice.  Working easily with co-hosts like Matt Harris from 107.9 gave Tony a sense of rhythm and cooperation while keeping pace in a live event.













While in Charlotte, Tony also took advantage of a well established professional sports market.  He worked as a free-lance director and technical director for the Charlotte Hornets, the Carolina Panthers, Nascar and many others.  For nine years, he covered basketball, football, hockey, auto racing, baseball, track & field and even billiards.


He took on a new hobby of ballroom dancing at age 29.  For the next several years he trained in all aspects of dance and human movement drawing on his prior training in pantomime.  As a ballroom dancer, he designed and built three dance studios over an 18 year career while  traveling the world teaching and competing in the Cabaret/Exhibition division of DanceSport.  


In that time, he was winner of eleven Top Instructor Awards and fifteen Top Studio Awards.  In 2005 he became a United States Cabaret Finalist.  The same year he was certified Highly Commended by the United States Terpsichore Association and received his Adjudicator's License.

Some of the more significant broadcasts of Tony's career include the following:


An Evening with the President - U.S. President Bill Clinton's visit to Charlotte, NC

Pope John Paul II - International coverage of the Papal visit to New York City and his Mass in Baltimore, MD

Mother Teresa of Calcutta -  International Coverage of her visit to Charlotte, NC and her message of peace

1996 Republican National Convention - International coverage from San Diego, CA

1996 Democratic National Convention - International coverage from Chicago, IL

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams - Live interview with Bruce Hall

Space Shuttle Columbia - Live Interview from Charlotte, NC with the shuttle while in orbit

President Carlos Menem - Live interview of President Carlos Menem of Argentina

President Alberto Fujimori - Live interview of President Alberto Fujimori of Peru